The lounge 'Piazza d' Ercole Home' design by Ercole Home at Architectural Digest Design Show 2016

The lounge 'Piazza d' Ercole Home' design by Ercole Home at Architectural Digest Design Show 2016


Ercole was founded in 1986 when Ornella Pisano had the vision to create pieces of mosaic furniture and décor which would be, in themselves, works of art. Ornella was at the time in the center of the flourishing New York art scene, and the columns and architectural details that she originally created were initially used for displaying works of art. Soon, though, Ornella came to see she was producing objects that could bring particular meaning to homes, where function, form and beauty would combine to create lasting works of expression and warmth as well as utility.

As Ercole began to produce its first furniture, the company was painting tabletops and mirror frames with faux mosaic finishes. Friends and customers soon urged Ornella to bring her glass mosaic skills to the creation of furniture and Ercole began to create the world’s first organic collection of mosaic art furniture and accessories. Today, our hand made products range from ornamental pieces to full bedroom sets and dining room pieces, and we import mirrored furniture made to our designs from Italy.

Our Products

Our line of products evolves in style, color pattern and texture over time, with two new collections introduced each year. We also work closely with interior designers to customize the design and coloring in a range of pieces. Ercole’s pieces provide unique expression to many different rooms in the home, from informal kitchen tables to more formal dining tables, from night stands, chests of drawers and buffets for the bedroom to outdoor tables, children’s furniture, and items for the foyer. Our decorative pieces, from vases to mirrors have served well as signature gifts for weddings, anniversaries and special events.

From it’s beginning, Ercole’s line has been sold at some of the top home furnishings retailers in the United States and Europe. ABC Carpet and Home in Manhattan was an early client of Ercole featuring our complete line of furniture, accessories and lighting throughout its beautiful and innovative store. Today, Ercole has its own store on ABC’s second floor. Currently, top retailers in the US, Canada, South America, Europe, the UK, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Japan feature Ercole products. Ercole pieces are in the homes of royalty, Academy Award winning actors and actresses, Grammy award winning artists, well-known politicians and investment bankers.

Ercole’s product line is unique. We use a variety of mediums to make our mosaic products, from vintage china, silver leaf, resin, glass, sea shells, crystals and wood. We also use paint and plaster to augment the texture and ambiance. Every collection is designed and directed by Ornella, and each piece is hand made in Brooklyn, New York, in a studio principally staffed by women artisans. Ercole’s work has been emulated throughout the world, but we have always maintained our market leadership through artistic innovation and continually evolving the design of our collections.


Custom Pieces

In addition to our established collections, we specialize in making custom pieces, each designed to fulfill the style, color and vision of our customer. We love working with designers and architects, as they understand the infinite possibilities of the medium, and allow us to create pieces that complement their grander designs. Our largest custom table, for a villa in France, is a gorgeous mosaic sea scene, 20 meters long.